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Crosswalk Wally

When Wally, a street sign silhouette, gets separated from his bright yellow crosswalk sign, other signs of all kinds, guide him to where he can safely cross the street and finally return to his post.

Ages 4 -8

Core Values:

         Pedestrian Safety

         Asking for help




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The reviews are in!


Kirkus Reviews

An engaging, informative story emphasizing the importance of street safety.


Shea’s story offers valuable insights regarding communicating, being aware of surroundings, and recognizing the street signs that keep people safe. The author’s approachable language and visual examples will help familiarize readers with commonly seen street signs and symbols.


Booklife Review

This unique adventure teaches young kids to be good pedestrians and recognize road signs.


Shea’s debut picture book effectively engages younger readers in Wally’s quest while simultaneously teaching them pedestrian safety. Crosswalk Wally’s effectiveness lies in its approachability for even the youngest of readers and future pedestrians.

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For sidewalk, crosswalk, and bike safety information (for all ages) visit:

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